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Welcome to AsyncRequest Demo Pages.

This is very simple plugin, we just gathered all steps of a asyncrequest (ajax request).

Step 1. Request

To request by plugins, you can use webApi like

$.asyncRequest.get() //ajax request with Get
$ //ajax request with Post
$.asyncRequest.put() //ajax request with Put
$.asyncRequest.delete() //ajax request with Delete

All parameters to request see Options to use

var dataRequest = {};//Object with information to request
var options = {};extra behavior, like notification and block....
$.asyncRequest.get(dataRequest, options)
        Url: 'urlRequest'
        , Data: {}//object to send
        , ContentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8"
        , DataType: "json"
    , { 
    notification: { 
        notificationSuccessMsgDefault: "Custom Mensage"
        , notificationErrorMsgDefault: "Custom Mensage error" 

Step 2. block page (optional)

When you make ajax request, we block element or page using BlockUI plugin

$.asyncRequest.get({Containner: null}) //default value, block all Page
$.asyncRequest.get({Containner: false}) //disable block
$.asyncRequest.get({Containner: '#blockPrecode'}) //block element
$.asyncRequest.get({Msg: 'Custom Message'}) //custom message

Step 3. Success/Error/Complete result

after request we call "result" function, aka Success or Error

//define success function
$.asyncRequest.get({ Url: 'XXXX', SuccessFunction: function () { } }) 
//define success and error function, but only succes will fire
$.asyncRequest.get({ Url: 'XXXX', SuccessFunction: function () { }
        , ErrorFunction : function() { } }) 
//error will fire
${ Url: 'XXXX', SuccessFunction: function () { }
    , ErrorFunction : function() { } }) 
//define complete function
$.asyncRequest.get({ Url: 'XXXX', SuccessFunction: function () { }
    , CompleteFunction: function () { } }) 

Step 4. Feed back result

After a success/error request and all process execute will be nice show to user a feddback. to show notification we use jGrowl plugin

in Get request we dont show notification by default, see notification options page

//success notification
${ Url: '' })
//error notification
${ Url: '' })
//disable notification
${ Url: ''}
    , {notification: {notifyFunction: false} }) 

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